How to install Kodi Build on Firestick

kodi build on firestick

Television content has changed drastically over time. While the only option for viewing content used to be in the form of a cable TV, the viewers today have way a greater number of options today due to the internet where they can view content in the digital form.

As the world is advancing with technology, the consumers have started looking for wireless options in everything. The number of cords and wires has decreased drastically over the years as we now have the option of small USB drives (they can also be used on cell phones today), wireless headphones and earphones and cordless chargers for most of our devices. 

What is Firesticks?

The need and demand for cordless devices led to the launch of the Amazon Firestick which looks like a simple USB drive and comes with a remote controller. It enables the viewer to stream media content on his Television Set by simply plugging the drive into the HDMI port of the TV.

The port provides access to movies, TV shows, subscription services, music, photos and games amongst others. One can also run other subscriptions like Netflix and Hulu through the Firestick. The small size of the drive enables portability and allows the user to carry his media everywhere including vacations. 

The XBMC – Kodi

One of the best possible Media Playing applications that the users can use to view content in Kodi. Formerly known as X-Box Media Centre (XBMC), Kodi is a free and open-source media playing software that is available for multiple operating systems and hardware platforms.

Kodi supports several common audio, video and image formats, playlists, audiovisuals, slideshows, weather forecast reporting and third-party plug-ins. It can also be connected to internet and home network shares and does not include its own internal digital TV tuner code for Live TV or DVR/ PVR recording functionality. 

Is Kodi Compatible with Firesticks?

Since Kodi is compatible with both Android and iOS devices, the users can easily install Kodi on most of the cellular devices, Tablets, smart TVs and other media streaming services. Firestick is one of the most popularly used Television streaming boxes which has Android as its base operating system.

Kodi is one of the most popular media streaming services and the fact that users can download the software on their Firesticks or Fire TVs helps to increase the popularity of both of these devices. 

Although Kodi provides an amazing viewing and streaming experience for its users, the developers have offered several additional add-ons and builds which help to improve the viewing and streaming experience and prove to be a much better part of the complete package.

Kodi build helps to download everything including popular add-ons, skin, settings, electronic program guides and much more with just a single click installation. A build helps to save time that the user would otherwise spend while trying to search and select different add-ons. 

How to install Kodi Build on Firestick

There are plenty of Kodi builds available for downloading on the Firestick namely ‘No Limits Magic’, ‘Titanium’, ‘MisFit Mods Lite’, ‘Blue Magic’, among others. The process of downloading these builds is fairly simple. The following steps can be followed for downloading these builds on Kodi with ease. Here we proceed with the installation steps with ‘No Limits Magic’ Kodi build. For more Kodi builds refer to this site:

Steps to install Kodi Build on Firestick

One of the best options amongst all the Kodi builds, No Limits Magic offers to build for users of Kodi 17.6 and Kodi 18 versions. Please note that the user can check the version of Kodi by going to System -> System Information. The Kodi version will show at the bottom of the screen. For downloading this build:

  • Launch Kodi and click on the Settings Icon. 
  • Select the option of ‘System’.
  • From the option of ‘Add-ons’ enable the ‘Unknown Sources’ option if it is not on. 
  • Go to the previous screen and select the option of ‘File Manager’.
  • Click on ‘Add Source’ and click on <None>. Ensure that you use the proper URL for your version of Kodi. 
    • If you are using Kodi 17.6, type ‘ and click on OK.
    • If you are using Kodi 18, type ‘’ and click on OK. 
  • Enter a name for this media source which would help you identify the source and click on OK. 
  • Go to the previous screen by clicking on the back button of your remote. 
  • Select the option of ‘Add-ons’ and click on ‘Install from Zip File’.
  • Click on the option showing the name of the file.
  • Wait for the ‘No Limits Magic Wizard add-on installed’ message to appear.
  • Now click on the ‘Build’ menu and select your preferred build. 
  • Click on ‘Standard Install’ and wait for the download to finish. 
  • When prompted, click on ‘Force Stop’ and the installation of the build is complete. 


The process of downloading and installing different Kodi build on Firestick is similar to the process given above. The small changes that do occur are the changes in the URL for different builds.

One thing that all users need to keep in mind is that they should be using a VPN while they use Kodi to hide their Internet activities while streaming movies, TV shows, and other live channels to ensure security from different hackers, government organizations and app developers who can otherwise keep a track of everything that you do online through the visible IP address. 

Downloading a Kodi build is a wonderful way of getting everything running within Kodi since it will help install everything that the user needs to run Kodi with just one click and help to stream the content effortlessly as well as efficiently. 

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