My PS4 controller is not charging – How to fix it?

The PS4 is one of the best consoles and it offers a fantastic gaming experience. But if something does not work, the whole experience will be ruined in a few seconds. One of the problems our readers have complained about is the controller that is not charging. Before going to the store where you bought the console, you can try several simple things. Keep reading because we will share some possible fixes for the PS4 driver that is not loaded

Solutions for Ps4 controller not charging:

We will list some things you can show that has helped many of our readers. If nothing works and your device is still under warranty, be sure to go to the store where you purchased it and request a faulty driver replacement.

Method No 1:

If you use the controller for a long time, consider replacing the batteries as the rechargeable batteries will discharge over time and die. This will have no effect on the warranty, so do not hesitate to try it.

Method No. 2:

Try restarting the PS4 driver. On the back of the controller, there is a small space near the right screw. Take a toothpick and press it for a few seconds. Then connect the charger and see if it helps.

Method No. 3:

The charging port may be faulty if it is not charged when connected to the gaming system. Sometimes, the charging port is damaged due to the constant connection of the charger due to restrictions.

Method No. 4:

To make sure that the charging cable is not broken, connect the cable to another controller and check whether it is charging or not. If some of your friends have the same type of charging cable, borrow it to see if it works.

Method No. 5:

Make sure the PS4 controller does not rest on a hot surface, as this may be the reason for the problem of no load. The sensor is the separate component connected by the cable, called a Bluetooth receiver, directly under the cover. Therefore, make sure that during charging, the controller is placed on a non-hot surface.

Method No. 6:

One of our readers said that installing the controller in the freezer for half an hour could solve the problem. This trick was useful because the controller started to charge normally later. This could be due to the faulty temperature sensor. At your own risk.

Method No. 7:

Another reader reported that the controller had started charging normally once it had been turned upside down. Think about your personal experience, strange how the solution might seem, try it because it could be the one that works for you. Connect your PS4 remote control, turn it over and let it rest. Some other readers have said that this trick has also helped them and that once the controller has been positioned in this way, it has started to charge. Moreover, for many, this was the only way to change their controller.

Final words:

So these are some of the methods you can us4e to charge , PS4 controller. Some of these methods worked for people. So try your luck with all these methods. Hope this helps.

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