How to access steam screenshot folder and change it

Hello, Are you using Steam for a while and when you are playing, do you want to capture some moments? In this little guide, we’ll see where will the Steam screenshot folder is and we will see how you can change the location of the screenshot folder.

Steam is, by far, one of the best ways to play multiplayer games, the world goes crazy playing PubG (abbreviation of Player unknown battlefield). Steams works as a mediator between you and the games you buy. Steam manages game download, Internet connectivity, and resolves any issues that may cause errors. Steam is so powerful and it’s easy not to find what you’re looking for. The most common question about Steam is to move the game folder and access the screenshot folder, so let’s talk about it.

How to take screenshots in the game

Steam lets you to take a screenshot with the Function key 12. During playback, the F12 captures the screen, compresses it with the algorithm and saves it to a folder called “Steam screenshot folder”. Also save an uncompressed copy of the screenshot. It’s as beautiful and easy as a piece of cake. This is the first part of the screenshot. Now, you may want to know where the screenshots folder is and how to change the screenshots folder.

Where is the Steam capture folder?

Without taking a screenshot, you will not have access to a screenshot folder. So, all you have to do is, open any game and press F12 to take the screenshot. When you take a screenshot for the first time, you will create the Steam screenshot folder. Like in Windows 10.

By default, the location of the default Steam screenshot folder is in Documents. You can access the folder in the following path.

This PC> Documents.

Access the screenshot folder on your computer

According to one game, the position of the record must be

Click View> Screenshot. choose a game in the drop-down menu and click Show to Disk. Windows Explorer will automatically open the location of the screenshot.

In addition, from here you can choose to share your screenshot on the web or simply save it to the Steam store, which gives you 1GB free.

For example, take PUBG as an example and to view the screenshot of the game, you must open Screenshot from the View menu, then select the PUBG game from the drop-down list and click Show on

Access the screenshot folder online:

It’s a good idea to have all screenshots stored in Steam’s online storage, because they will be safe and you can access them from any device with the same Steam account. To visit the site, open Steam and go to this place.

From View> Screenshot> View Online Library.

As given by the Steam website: “Pressing the hotkey (F12 by default) in any game that runs Steam Overlay, takes screenshots, then post them automatically on your Steam community profile, as well as on Facebook, Twitter or Reddit to share with your friends With 1 GB of personal storage Steam Cloud, you can save thousands of screenshots to show your best moments to all your friends, or you can make them private if you prefer to save them for you. “

How to change the Steam screen capture folder by default.

If you do not want to lose any screenshots because of an operating system error, you can change the location to a partition other than the operating system partition. For example, if there is Windows on the local disk C, it is advisable to place the screenshots on the local disk D. The same applies to the Steam games folder if the Windows partition is not large enough OR if a person does a cleaning Install every 6 months.

Steps to change the steam capture folder.

Step 1. Open this Steam app. In the top menu, click View and then click Settings.

Step 2. On the Settings tab, visit In Game Options in the panel.

Step 3. Open Screenshot folder.

Step 4. Here is where you can navigate to an external location for all Steam screenshots.

Step 5. Click on select to apply the settings.

Right below (# 3), see three options. By default, you will hear a notification sound when a screenshot is taken.

Steam is a complete gamer tool.It has got everything to do with gaming. sometimes the user interface and options may find tricky. So, in this article we have seen how to locate and change the game screenshots folder. Hope this article will be useful for all of you guys.

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