Word Cookies Game Overview and Complete Review

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In this article, we are going to give you the full overview and a review for the game Word Cookies. Word Cookies is a very interesting and addictive word puzzle game suitable for all ages and should especially suit anyone who likes word games.


The objective of the game is to find words within a mix of 5 or 7 scrambled letters. You will need to find the 3,4,5,6 letter words, that depends on your level.


The level starts with easy words with less number of letter and difficulty. The number of words increases as you progress within the packs. You will earn coins every time when you complete levels. There are also some extra levels which allow you to earn more coins. If you have trouble finding or guessing the words then you gave the option to get hints to help. You can also check out the word cookies answers for completing the difficult levels easily.

It is a well-designed game with a user-friendly interface. I did find that swiping between the letters can be little hit and miss but it happens only if you try to go too fast. The background music can get a little tedious after a while, but it’s easy enough to play with the volume down. There are some background themes, can be chosen from and certain events have been adding themed challenges and appearances.


If you love the word games you should find that you get a good deal of fun from the game. Every level has a range of words to find ranging from easy to frustratingly hard sometimes.

Overall this is one of the most popular word searching and connecting games. Plenty of people seem to be enjoying this game, and it boasts a relatively high review average on the app store. Remember to remain calm when you discover that the word you couldn’t find for the last hour turn out to be very obvious.

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